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The web reports will give any type of report of any time period and any comparison about trends, occupancy, peak times, dwell time etc.

These reports can easily be generated via a user-friendly web interface of favorite reports can easily be defined also by user and set to be sent automatically any time to any user.

More about Visitor Counting

People counting systems are today a necessary tool

for the management of Malls, Retail, Outlet Centers,

Airports etc.

The importance is not the counting by itself.

It is the Management information and reporting,

which is the base for decision making.

Our cloud based solutions gives a

centralized, secure, easy to maintain

system with reliable data 24/7

The real time Web based visualization gives an immediate information of occupancy and flow in different parts of the buildings.  From the central site local visualization can be selected as well as clusters (or categories especially in large retail chains)