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Actron was founded 1982 and was active in solutions for the automation industry and software development, such as factory and building automation.
Actron is developing and supplying worldwide the ActWin software which is the programming tool for Hitachi PLC.s. As a result of Actron’s involvement in the building automation field we started our development of the People Counting products already in 1995 by using our knowledge from the manufacturing industries to have reliable systems.
Thanks to the modern structure the “engine” is communicating with different sensors and equipment through APIs. This gives a full freedom to integrate new generations of sensors and systems. MPC Universe and the database is compatible to previous generations of PassCheck.
Therefore older PassCheck installations can be upgraded to the stable environment and full functionality of MPC Universe.
In a majority of the Malls, Airports, Outlet centres applications etc. People counting, Car park Guidance, QR Wayfinding and Queue Waiting Time systems go together.
Therefore it is a great advantage to use same Cloud sulution, same software, integrated reports same service and support partners etc.