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ActWin Hitachi PLC programming software

Actron has a long experience in development software tools for PLC programming. Actron started the development of programming tools 1982.  First for the Swedish developed Computer ABC 80. In the middle of the -80s the tools were
transferred to PC environment and MS-DOS. Actron become well known for the programs Actsip and ActGraph for the Hitachi series of PLCs.

In the middle of the -90s there was a strong pressure from the market to move the programming tools into the Windows World. We started then the development of ActWin and incorporated the standards from IEC 61131-3. This is combined with the requests and comments from our international distributors. Therefore in contrast to other IEC 61113-3 programming systems from typical software houses ActWin is created together with and for PLC users.
This means that the amount of programming operations (e.g. the amount of mouse clicks and menu levels) for the user is far less than in other systems. This also means that it is fast and intuitive to learn. ActWin is based on a World patented editing method.

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