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Some of Our Development Advantages

We have been listening to our clients for more than 20 years (and of course still do)We have turned the needs into reality through algorithms and inventions created the most useful management information and aid for decisions.

Through our history we have learned that a system shall not only work fine during start up and commissioning. It must bring the reliable information year after year. Using the experience from our industrial background the hardware and software is made reliable with very long life length and our service support organization and tools monitor constantly all parameters in the systems to ensure the quality of the information.

From three different centers our system is constantly developed in order to be in the front line regarding People Counting & Car Park guidance systems. We get experience from different parts of the world, which implemented in the product, while we still keep the local user interfaces. (e.g. in Russia the system user interfaces and instructions are in Russian while all international functionality is still there.)

In today’s reality more and more is getting related.
You cannot see a completely independent systems. E.g.:
–   Visitor numbers and sales information are not anymore independent information.
–   Visitor numbers and Car park information are not anymore independent
–   Car Park systems and BMS (Building Management Systems) are not anymore independent
–   etc.

•    Occupancy in history and real time.
•    Average visiting time in total unit, level or detailed zone.
•    Conversion rate in many levels:
    –  purchase/ visitors (efficiency of sales)
    –  purchase/ visitor hours    (true efficiency of qualified sales)
    –  visitors / flow in front (efficiency of attraction)
•The special reports, which can send automated reports to anybody anytime by email
_and multiply one setup to several different individual reports (see MPC-Special Reports)